How To Run 2 Whatsapp in One Android Phone No Root Required

Dual Whatsapp in One Android Phone {No Root Required}

Everyone know that time what is Whatsapp Messengers and how to use Whatsapp. But everyone face one problem they use only one Whatsapp in Android phone. So Here we share a way for Use Two Whatsapp in One Android Phone. There are many peoples also know that for use two Whatsapp Account in One Phone the one of popular requirement is phone root. If you do phone root than you loss your phone warranty. So this is very dangers for you. But here we also provide you easy and best way of this problem which you can easily run two whatsapp in one phone.


2 Whatsapp in Single Phone

Yes this is possible without root your phone. In my next post we also provide you how to root your phone without PC, Laptop in Just 5 min. So connect with us and continue visit my website. Now we come on topic. How this is possible that how to run two whatsapp in one phone. So don’t think about that this is possible only with a special software which i found and i share with you.

Dual Whatsapp in One Android Phone { No Need Download Other Whatsapp}

There are many website also provide you latest Method of Run Dual Whatsapp in one android Phone. But they tell that Download GB Whatsapp and you downloaded this app but than you found that’s not working and you waste your time and Internet MB. So Please leave these Fake website and Bookmark this website which every time provide you fresh working tricks.

Follow These Step for Dual Whatsapp in One Android Phone

So guys don’t waste time and read How To Use Two Whatsapp in One Android Phone. These step is very easy and safe for your android phone. By this app you can also use two UC, Two Opera, and Two games. Hope you also like this post and follow this step which i written as below.

Step 1 : First Take your android phone in your Hand :p

Step 2 : Go to Play Store in your android phone

{ In my next post we provide you How use premium App Free in your Android Phone}

Step 3 : Now Download simple whatsapp from play store and install it in phone

{ If you have already than leave it}

Step 4 : Now go Again Play store and download parallel space

Step 5 : Now install parallel space in your android phone.

step 6 : Open parallel space and click on below + type button

Step 7 : Now select Whatsapp and add this in parallel space

Step 8 : After add now open Whatsapp in parallel space

Wow Hurry ! you have now use two whatsapp in your android phone and enjoy.

Note : By this parallel space app you also use two whatsapp, Two UC, Two Opera mini and you can use any two same app by this parallel space. parallel space also make clone copy of your app which you also use in your as with same app.

So Hope you also like this post which i written on How to use 2 whatsapp in 1 android phone. Dear friends if you like this post than please share this information with your friends and enjoy 2 whatsapp in android phone. If you have any problem than share in comments.