Best Texting Apps for Android, Free Messaging, SMS Apps 2017

Best Texting Apps for Android, Free Messaging, SMS Apps 2017

Today i am here provide you best texting apps for android. first we tell you that what is the what is texting. the meaning of texting is that when someone send messages in written to other person than this system also call texting. There are many advantages of the texting apps. Here we provide you the best texting apps for android and iphone. In my last post you also read  Send Fake Location on Whatsapp Full Guide this tricks i am provide you step by step and if you want increase your android ram than you become root your android phone if you don’t know what this root android phone and How To Root Android Phone Without PC Laptop than you read last post and enjoy with our tricks. So now we come on the point and we provide you best collection of texting app hope you will like and enjoy with these apps.

List of Best Texting Apps For Android App

Here i am provide you latest and biggest collection of SMS and Texting App which also help to you text with your friends. In this list there are many apps like as which also secret app. Which use you can for secret chat. Anyway two famous text app you know Facebook and Whatsapp. Which you know Already about it and enjoy these app. But here i am provide you best collection of sms app and messaging apps.

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#1 Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is the most comprehensive third party texting apps for android. It has been on the market for so long and has made a lot of improvements to its UI. It has essential features of any texting app such as blacklists, quick reply pop-up, passcode locks, and emojis. It has customization options and theme pack other apps should envy. You can get it for free on Google Play Store.

 Download Chomp SMS From Play Store

#2 EvolveSMS

EvolveSMS is a Google-inspired free texting app for Android. EvolveSMS has smart watch compatibility and supports multimedia messages including GIFs. By default, the app has a beautiful orange theme. You can swap the default theme for a theme from the customization pack, which you have to buy. There are loads of customization options. EvolveSMS is one of the texting apps for Android that has everything and allows you to swipe between conversations.

Download EvolveSMS From Playstore

#3 Line

Line is a very popular app, especially in Asia, with more than 600 million users. This app is feature rich. It combines a timeline similar to Facebook, where you can post and your friends can comment on your posts, in addition to having all the standard features of a messaging app. Calls to landlines, and Line to Line free video or voice calls are available. There’s also a very healthy store of stickers packed with Line characters that are famous in Asia. Group chat allows for chats of up to 200 participants. You can, similar to Twitter, follow artists and brands on Line. It also allows the user to set up albums and share them with friends. Recently, Line introduced encryption to chats as well.

Download Line From Google PlayStore

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#4 GOSMS Pro

GO SMS Pro is among the most popular texting apps on the list and for good reason. It comes with a ton of features including hundreds of themes, SMS blocking, delayed text sending, dual SIM support, and much more. There is even a privacy box where you can send private, encrypted messages to your friends. It also includes the usual host of things like emojis and stickers. It works well, even if it’s a bit heavy. It’s also free to download.

Download GoSMS Pro From Google PlayStore

#5 Handcent Next SMS

Handcent, along with Chomp SMS, were the first two really good, really popular texting apps available on Android and people debated endlessly on which one was better. Much like Chomp SMS, Handcent is a powerful and heavy texting application with a ton of features. Some of them include themes, a privacy box much like GO SMS, SMS backup, eCards, emojis, and plenty more. One of the more interesting features is Handcent Anywhere, which lets you text on your computer and tablet if you want.

Download Handcent Next SMS From Google Playstore

#6 Hoverchat

Hoverchat, formerly known as Ninja SMS, is a unique texting application. Most apps go full screen and let you text but Hoverchat actually just pops up a window and lets you chat from there. This is very useful if you don’t like to exit whatever it is you’re doing to text back because Hoverchat will appear over whatever it is that you’re doing. It features multiple floating windows that you can drag and drop, emojis, message encryption (called anti-NSA mode), and there’s an option to use full screen if you want to.

                D#ownload Hoverchat From Google PlayStore

#7 Google Messenger

Google Messenger is the default texting app from Google that started shipping with the Nexus 6 and soon became available for everyone. It’s a simple, lightweight texting app that doesn’t offer much in the frills department. It makes up for that by having nearly flawless Material Design and some fun little features including text searching, SMS blocking, emojis, stickers, location sharing, and message archiving.

Download Google Messenger From Google PlayStore 


QKSMS is a newer texting app that came to prominence during the era when Material Design apps were hard to find. This one sticks almost strictly to the Android design guidelines so you know what kind of visual experience you’re in for. Some of the features include themes, a night mode (dark theme), floating notifications, group messaging, MMS, and search. It’s also protected from the Stagefright bug that’s been around. QKSMS is free download and it’s even open source!

Download QkSMS From Google PlayStore

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#9 Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is actually a messaging app much like Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others. The difference is that this one features end-to-end encryption and it’s been a favorite of many people who value security. It also works on a phone number system and if your contact doesn’t have the app then it simply sends a text message which we really liked. It’s simple to use, looks great with Material Design, and it is entirely free to use with no in-app purchases. It’s also open source, supports group chats, and it’ll even make phone calls.

Download Signal Private Messenger From Google PlayStore

#10 Textra SMS

Last and certainly not least on our list today is Textra SMS. This popular and highly stylish texting app is also one of the highest rated on the list. It comes with over 100 Material Design-inspired themes, a dark mode, floating notifications, delayed sending, slide to delete, and plenty of other features. Perhaps most notable is the patch included to battle the Stagefright issue. It’s free to use and even comes with Pushbullet, MightyText, and Android Wear support.

Download Textra SMS From Google PlayStore

Final Words :-

All above we provide the list of best texting app for android phone 2017. If i missed some app than i will updated this list and you also enjoy with these apps. Here we provide you best apps of android apps of 2017. If you have any doubt and question related  this app than write in comment and i will give you some solution. I hope you will satisfy from this post. if you like this post than please share this post on whatsapp and facebook with your friends and enjoy free recharge tricks and free internet tricks and android tricks. Which i posted on this website. and for more regular updated Join Our Facebook Group.